formation phase has begun

The game production of Tales of Honor is now in full progress!

Tales of Honor will be an Online Browser-Game, published on known Game-Platforms. Shortly centralized, you will play a hero in a medieval world, where you can craft strong items, build up your own town, create and join guilds and conquer the land while solving adventures and quests.

We are still in search of talented and motivated artists like illustrators for the ingame graphics. If you are interested in joining our team, please send us an email with some of your artwork-references to
Newest item
Barbarian Axe
Mighty Barbarian Waraxe

Production progress


Game Concept
First coding
Interface implementation
Creating content
Illustrations and graphics
Storywriting & Quests
First closed beta
Game testing
Final balancing
Official game start
Your journey in Tales of Honor starts imprisoned on the desolate and barren Coldwind Island. You are nothing more than a pickpocket, haunted by bad luck and betrayal. After your release you return to your homeland to build up a new life. Engaged in new tasks and quests you slowly find your way back into society.

But one day, everything changes. A mysterious and cold fog from the seaside breaks loose and with it something dark and threatening. Before you can realize what is happening your hometown bursts into flames and chaos breaks out.

Tales of Honor - Castle in the snow deserts

Tales of Honor - Woodcutter in the mountains

After hours of fighting against the darkness and trying to quench the fire, the few survivors of the town including you decide to leave their homeland to hunt down the strange darkness and venture into the unknown.

But you cannot leave unprepared. You will have to build up a new base, gather friends and troops to form an army to stop the evil and follow it back deep to its roots.

Are you ready to become the hero you have always dreamed of?

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